about me

I rewrote the ending to Romeo and Juliet in my head when I was 11.  I couldn’t stand that they never got their happy ever after.

I broke my pinky finger on my first day of my first job as an assistant film editor.  I didn’t know how to catch the fast-spinning rewind reel yet, and my finger slipped into the spoke.  Things got better after that.  They pretty much had to, right?

The first time I met my husband, I thought, “Too bad all the good ones are taken.”  Which he was.  Later, he wasn’t.  Then he was again.  By me.  Patience is a virtue.

I’m not a terribly patient person.  I can fake it pretty well, though.

Sometimes I dance with my cat.  Usually in the kitchen.   He is very patient.

I was once commissioned to write a short treatment for a children’s TV show about dancing hamsters.  I wrote it sitting on the floor in the corner of a preschool classroom while kids came up to me, offering plastic dinosaurs and asking to look at my computer.  This might possibly have added a touch of verisimilitude.

When we moved from New York to Los Angeles, it was summer.  October came around and it was still summer there.   I had a dream about flying into LAX, seeing all the palm tree fronds blazing with the red, gold, and orange hues of autumn.

When we moved back to New York, we brought our then seven year old son with us. He’d never seen snow.   He loved catching it on his tongue.

I love to people-watch on the subway.  Everyone has a story.  Everyone.

When I was 18, I hitchhiked with a friend from New York to Montreal.  The first night on the road, we were picked up by a young guy in a pickup truck.  We gave him directions to our friend’s house in Vermont. He got lost.  It got late.  Finally, he said, “Just come back to the farm with me, you can crash there.”  With trepidation, we did.  Turned out the farm was a pot farm.  We spent that night sleeping in the hayloft with the drying pot.

A few days later, we spent a few nights in a Buddhist meditation center in Montreal, camping out on the meditation cushions.

I am glad I had adventures.  I am also glad I’m a grownup.  My adventures now usually come with better accommodations.

Writing is the best adventure ever.