Warm Me Up excerpt

Warm Me Up excerpt:

There was a man outside the studio window. Not just any man. Him. He was out there. On the fire escape. As if he’d stepped out of her canvas and—

She glanced over at the half-finished painting. The image of his face—the same face—was still there, the wet paint glistening under the studio light.

It made no sense. But he was real, and he was shivering. Well, of course. He wore a white button-down shirt, no coat. Not even a hat or scarf. In twenty-degree weather, with a bitter wind coming off the river. Proof he was real. If she was daydreaming him up, she’d put him in an elegant wool coat.

She pried open the window. It stuck, resisting her. When it released, it slid up with startling speed. The man nearly fell into the room.

Georgette took a step back as he straightened up, briskly rubbing his arms.

If she’d thought she’d responded to the man in her dreams, it was nothing compared to the real thing. He radiated masculinity. Even in shirtsleeves, he was clearly muscular, with a confident physicality.

He grinned. “I know what you’re thinking. How positively James of me to climb the fire escape in the middle of winter.”


He gave her a sidelong look, playful but with an edge, as if some strong emotion bubbled under the surface. He obviously expected her to say something, but her brain was electric static and silence.

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