introducing Call Me Saffron

My next book now has a Goodreads page. With a description and everything. (But no cover yet. Cover reveal will be May 16th. Stay tuned!)

Here’s the blurb:

Samantha Lilly is in a long-term relationship… with her vibrator. She can’t handle a serious commitment, but casual affairs don’t do it for her either. So she’s resigned herself to being alone.

Her call-girl roommate Jeanine has other ideas. She persuades Samantha to take her place for one night with Dylan Krause, an incredibly hot prospective client recovering from a messy divorce. She says it’ll be good for Samantha to be with someone without her usual expectations and complications.

It’s more than good. It’s intense, extraordinary, and emotionally devastating. During their long, intimate night together, they bare, not just their bodies, but their souls.

But after that one amazing night, Samantha flees. This feels too real for her. And yet she can’t forget Dylan, even though she tries.

Then one day, he walks into the architecture firm where she works. Seeing him threatens to destroy the careful walls she’s built around her heart—and this time she can’t run away.


It’s sexy and emotional, and I loved writing it. It was a singular experience. Every time I thought I knew what happened next, I was wrong. I went through half a dozen discarded outlines, but you know? The book is way better than if I’d stuck to my original plan. Samantha and Dylan knew what they felt, and what they were going to do next. Better than I did. And they were right.

Call Me Saffron is not technically part of the Greenpoint Artists series. Instead, it’s Book One of a companion series, the Greenpoint Pleasures series. Samantha is not an artist, but she does live in the same neighborhood. In fact, Alanna from Hold Me Tight and her friend Georgette drop by at one point for poker and pizza with a side order of commiseration.


Call Me Saffron will go on sale June 9th. Stay tuned for excerpts and something else… what was it? Right, that cover! (Yes, I’m excited. Maybe. A little.) (More than a little.)

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