Georgette’s story

So you may be wondering what I’m working on next. Well, there are two answers to this.

First, in Hold Me Tight, we met Alanna’s studio-mate and best friend, Georgette Soren. Georgette is a down-to-earth, centered psychology grad student who loves painting but sees it as a hobby.

Lately, Georgette’s been having these strange dreams about a man who seems to be going through some kind of emotional angst. And, of course, since she’s an artist, she paints the subject of these powerfully evocative dreams, as in this moment from Hold Me Tight:

A man dressed in torn blue jeans and a wrinkled button-down shirt crouched in a stark, empty room, clutching his head like he had the mother of all headaches. The man had dark, unruly hair and a wild-eyed expression, but he was dead sexy in a Byronic sort of way.

Alanna whistled. “That’s not Sam.”

Georgette put down her brush. Her hair was falling down around her face in dark kinks, and she had a slash of paint across her nose and another on her cheek. She looked like a madwoman herself. “I know! I dreamed it, and I had to paint. He seemed so real. I could see his stubble, Alanna. And this crease on his cheek where he’d been lying for too long.” She shook her head. “The subconscious is a powerful thing.”

Georgette has taken classes in dream analysis. Georgette understands dreams. Dreams are symbolic. They are never real. Strangers in dreams are people who don’t exist.

Except when they do.

The book is tentatively titled Warm Me Up, and should be ready to publish in early summer.

I’ve got another book in the works, which will be done sooner. It’s not a direct sequel in the Greenpoint Artists series, more like a sideways one. Alanna and Georgette appear in this book, and characters from this one appear in Georgette’s story. Think of it as two series that cross-populate. Cross pollinate. (Crisscross?) It’s a sexy concept and a psychologically complex book. I’m loving writing it. I’ll tell you more about it soon. Expect it out this spring.

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