other bits

First, a note: this first set of blog pieces is under the name Talia Quinn Daniels. I dropped the Daniels when I published.

On the 2012 Golden Heart Firebirds group blog: Veronica Mars and Me (aka How I Started Writing Romance)

Also on the Firebirds group blog: AJ Larrieu interviews me! (We talk a lot about What’s Yours is Mine.)

Leslie Lynch, fellow 2013 Golden Heart Single Title Contemporary finalist, interviews me too. This one’s more general, with different questions.

On the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood, I talk about all the strange places I’ve written. Not written about, mind you. Writing locales. Have laptop (or iPad or spiral notebook), will travel.  Part of being a mom and a writer.

On the Firebirds blog, I write In Praise of Difficult Heroines in romance novels. Or maybe the word I’m looking for is complex. Flawed but fascinating women.

Also on the Firebirds blog, my three book launch: Like Three-Bean Salad, only better. Paranormal romance author Lorenda Christiansen interviews me about my books. Including a Newlywed-style round with the couples from Draw Me In, What’s Yours is Mine, and Hold Me Tight (then titled No Peeking).



This one appeared on the Romance University blog: Description: Choosing the Right Words.